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A revolutionary way to send & receive money

Unified Payments Interface

Transfer money from 'Any Bank to Any Bank' 24x7 instantly over IMPS with just a mobile number (or a virtual address).

Think of a virtual address as a unique email ID for payments. Simply enter your number below with us to download our app and get started.

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Let's hear from the visionaries

The revolution is upon us. The country has the most sophisticated public payment infrastructure in the world, which can be accessible to anyone now

Raghuram Rajan, RBI

While shopping habits have evolved rapidly, concepts like cash-on-delivery and mobile wallets have been interim solutions (and not long term)

Sachin Bansal, Flipkart

It is going to make small value payments more electronic. I think what BHIM UPI can do is bring next innovation such as e-payments on delivery.

Chanda Kochhar, CEO, ICICI Bank

What exactly is BHIM UPI?

what is upi - Mypoolin

It’s a secure and free way to transfer money instantly, any bank to any bank with contacts in your phone.

How does it affect me?

No IFSC codes or account numbers - simple bank transfers - upi - Mypoolin

Painful account numbers or IFSC codes are no longer required! Further, no time will be wasted to add beneficiary as you just need one unique virtual payment address. It’s simple, free and drives your country towards a progressive cashless society.

What is this virtual address?

secure and stable bank transfers - upi - Mypoolin

Think of it like a new & unique email ID for payments. It will look something like 9988998899@yesbank (since we have YesBank as our processing partner). However, the best part is that this address will be associated to any bank account that you select while registering on the app

Is it safe?

secure and stable bank transfers - upi - Mypoolin

Absolutely!!! The new interface is built on the same infrastructure as the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), which is currently used by banks for real-time transfer of cash.

Awesome! I'm hooked. What next?

personal virtual addresses - upi - Mypoolin

Simply enter your number below to get the app link. Or visit the google play store using the link below to download it and register on BHIM UPI

Grab your virtual address before some one else takes it

Since a virtual address is like an email address for payments, make sure that you don't lose your preferred one as UPI is already live!

Simply enter your mobile number above. Also help your friends get on board by sharing this cool new way to transfer money with them

Come and be a part of this game-changer

An extension of IMPS

We all know how painfully slow the NEFT system operates and that is one of the prime reasons people love IMPS. Ultimately UPI is a much more simplified and accessible form of IMPS.

Next gen payment system

Most of the apps and websites that belong to banks have a mediocre sense of design with cumbersome and complicated flows. Let us embrace the one-click mobile native system!

Going the cashless way

It is time to take our economy into the cashless future of money transfers. US did it in the late 90s and now, as a fast growing developing country, this is our turn to change the game.

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