Frequently Asked Questions

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Starting A Pool (An organizer)

We define the pool as 'any plan or activity like a movie, party, trip or more that you would like to carry out with your friends/colleagues'. Our mission is to enable the same at one place where you and your friends can discuss, chat together as well as pay your own shares for the same. Then, you can redeem the complete amount quickly instead of going through bank transfers, cash handling or the uncomfortable 'You Owe Me's.

No, if a person is not in your Gmail or other mail list, you can feed in his basic details such as Name and E-Mail address directly. In this case, each of them would get the link to 'Pay Share' in their inbox via MyPoolin. However, you will notice that it becomes very convenient to invite via a single click if they are already in your Gmail contacts.

No, you can enjoy the whole process without using Facebook/Gmail at all. However, in case you have a Facebook/Gmail account, signing up (on the mobile) and adding friends to the pool becomes much more convenient and enjoyable!

Not at all! Creating a pool/plan has no hidden charges at any time. When you decide the cashout the amount, it can be taken out directly in the form of a voucher or a wallet transfer (into your mobile wallet) or into your bank account. We take a small 1% handling fee for bank transfers more than Rs. 20000.

Absolutely! You can utilize the target amount as you like as it belongs to you and your group members. For the details, you have the option for adding pool name, picture etc on the very top itself when you start creating the pool via

Yes, we have that provision quite handy. Just select ‘Split unequally’ from the drop down / toggle option above the list of friends in the process. After that, you can enter the amount desired in the fields differently but the total should remain equal to the target amount that you wish to collect.

No! This message is just a suggested default. We strongly encourage you to change it to say whatever you like as well as go ahead and chat with your group within the app.

Yes, if you split the amount equally or allocate the money to be chipped in by them, they would have to pay the amount you allocate. The total amount gets adjusted accordingly whenever you add / remove a person from the group.

As soon as you choose your friends (from contacts / email IDs) and click on 'Send Invites', we send out the notifications/emails to them respectively with the pool details. Your friends simply need to click on that notification to enter the pool. After that, they can easily put in their shares via a single click.

Absolutely! You can invite more friends at a later stage as well to contribute to the pool. More members means more fun and more sharing hands!

We encourage each one to download the app as it offers a much more seamless and fun experience including discussions and planning the pool activity. Those who are unable to use our app would be getting their notification on the SMS and can also put in their share through their mobile browser (but they would miss out the part of chatting and discussing)

Managing MyPool (An Organizer)

Though we would like you to achieve the target of contribution from the members of the group by the requisite date, yet we give you the option to extend it as well. For editing, you (the organiser) can click on the 'calendar' icon near the current deadline on your pool tracker page to choose the new date for achieving the contribution.

You can track all contributions on your Tracker page (link sent on your email) as to who all have contributed. Also, don't click on 'release payment' link that would be sent by any payment gateway, as we would release your payments from the accounts only once everyone in the group has paid or when you click on 'Finalize Pool'

Right away! After verifying all the details of your pool on the next page, you can click on the button ‘Contribute my share’ or 'Pay and Confirm' that will take you forward through the payment gateway for completing the transaction.

Yes, if you chose to split the amounts evenly, we will automatically readjust how much each person is supposed to contribute. In this case, if a friend has already given his/her share, then the remaining amount (unpaid) will be split equally among friends who are yet to put in money. When a friend comes to his page to pay, he will be able to see the new changed amount. If you chose to enter contribution amounts manually, we will follow your amounts and adjust the total accordingly as per the sum of the new shares.

Well, firstly we will remind you by mail about the approaching deadline so you don’t need to worry about forgetting the date at any time. Also, the link of your pool page would be present in the form of a button 'Pay my share and Manage Pool' (in the mail that we send or after you login on the website) or inside the app (on the pool page) that will help you out to still complete the pool! These options are -

Complete in advance
Allows you to put in the remaining amount for the group from your account so that you can be rest assured that the pool amount is achieved. The settlement can then be done independently by you via offline means.

Remind/Message your friends
Allows you to send important notifications as reminders to your friends in the group.

Invite more friends or Edit Shares
Allows you to add more friends to the existing pool so that you can attain the target with ease! You can also edit the individual shares of the existing group members (those who have not paid) accordingly.

You can track the progress of your pool and make necessary changes to the event on your pool tracker page itself.

Yes, in order to make your social life more simple than ever, we consistently and regularly send out reminders to the group members to put in their shares for your pools. The frequency varies from a few hours to a few days depending on the target date/time of your pool as well as the kind of activity (i.e. movie, gift, party etc)

You can redeem the collected amount at any point of time in between the pool by simply clicking on 'Cash out'. But note that this would mark the pool as 'complete' and pending group members will not be able to pay their shares if remaining.

After your pool gets completed or you want to take out whatever amount has been collected, simply click on 'Cash Out' and then choose between the two ways of redeeming the money -

1. You can select any one of our partner sites or brands like Flipkart, Jabong, PVR, MakeMyTrip and more to generate a cash voucher code for the collected value and spend on your desired product, event, movie etc directly on their independent websites or offline on their retail outlets as per their policies.

2. OR You can take the collected amount out in the form of a prepaid debit card delivered to your address which can be used both online and offline on any site / shop

3. OR You can choose to take the collected amount into your bank account (as an organizer) and we transfer it within 2 working days without any extra charges (just a small 1% fee in case the amount is more than Rs. 20000)

As much as we would love to see you complete the process with your amazing group, still we acknowledge that sometimes, the final group just doesn’t get the shares due to some unavoidable circumstances. Hence, we have the cancellation option as well, which would be mentioned at the bottom on the second page after you send the invites.

The personal information shared by you, is used to suggest, create and organise your pool itself. It acts as a vital input to enhance your experience on the platform and is not shared with any external party without your consent. Besides your payments and associated cards/accounts are securely handled via the RBI approved PayUMoney/PayTM escrow accounts and transferred to us once the final target is achieved or you finalize the pool on your own.

As a member of the pool who has been invited to contribute in money,you would get a link for your page in your Inbox (if invited via email) or on your phone (in case you go via the mobile app).On opening that page or downloading the app and going to your pool, you should be able to see the list of all the members with their shares (including you) and you will also see the button for paying your share that will take you to the payment gateway. As for the collection, the money remains securely with our partner payment gateways in their escrow until the target amount is reached or the organizer 'finalizes the pool'! Hence, just to be on the safe side,don't click on the 'Release Money' link sent by our partner gateways as we will automatically do the release once the target amount is achieved.

The target date (visible on your page itself) is the one that has been set by the organizer of your pool as the desired date to collect the total money.

Ideally, you should try to put in your share by this date, however the pool still remains intact even if the date is passed.

The complete list of all the invited members is visible on your page as discussed earlier. The ability to invite more members is available to the organizer of your pool.

Fun Fact!

As per our analysis, people owe on an average INR 38,500 to others during a period of 2 years and then spend on an average 20 minutes a day chasing people around, maintaining excel spreadsheets and fumbling around for cash or bank transfers!

Power of a group

Not only is getting into group activities like parties, picnics, travel etc quite a lot of fun, but also tends to save you a lot of money. But some think that it uses up a lot of time. Hence, let's make those pools happen in the simplest way possible!

Did you know?

We consistently work hard to make sure that you can enjoy your plans and activities in the best way possible. Hence, we have partnered with some key businesses in the domain of event tickets, movies, travel and more. The benefit it provides is that the money collected by you on MyPoolin can be utilized directly on that partner website/app for the desired purchase of product, ticket etc!

Feel like gifting?

We are proud to say that our collection of gift cards and vouchers is one of it's kind and definitely covers everything that you would ever wish for anyone! Let's say goodbye to the days of 'My Mom got 5 Pressure Cookers at her wedding in late 80’s and cribs till date' and indulge in some smart group gifting by getting your friends together and multiplying the fun factor