KYC Validation and Authentication Suite


Simple solution for accepting KYC from anyone and validating automatically

Simply upload document image
Intuitive dashboard
Automated KYC validation
RESTful APIs & mobile SDK

How we stand out


  • Fully Encrypted Data Flow
  • Customizable & Intuitive UI
  • All-in-one Dashboard
  • Super Fast Integration
  • Multi-lingual support


With just one API / dashboard setup, your system gets ready to accept all forms of KYC documents in the contry and validate them automatically in near real time.

Whether you have a native mobile app / hybrid web app / a complex website or a ready made e-commerce store, our solutions have it all covered and you will never need to go anywhere else.

Since this helps make the on-boarding process completely paperless & seamless for any of your agent / vendor / customer / merchant, hence your conversion percentages increase drastically.

Not only do the your customers / merchants save time, but you too save a lot of energy and precious moments as a business by not chasing courier / delivery boys with paper work.

Having an automated and paperless KYC process as a unique feature on your platform helps you stand out in this competitive race, hence leading to your brand attaining higher value.

Our APIs and SDKs are fully compliant with all KYC related regulations

We integrate directly with the relevant regulatory authority as required per document

GST validation on Wibmo PAN number validation on Wibmo ROC Shop Act validation on Wibmo

Processed around 1.2 billion transactions in 2017!

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