The launch story

They say ‘You are born alone and die alone’ but in-between these two states of life, we engage day in and day out with many people in different settings, across different mediums to be rightfully termed 'social creatures'.

On this path between the two extremes, it is not about what we are doing rather who we are doing it with, that makes our experience enjoyable. Whether at school, college, office, club or in a locality, on various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, parties, housewarming, baby showers, weddings to activities like attending movies, events and so on, we like doing things in a group making our experiences more social.
In most of these cases, money is an inherent part to avail services and products we wish to consume as a group or gift to someone. In India, we have been pooling money since ages for temple donations to festivals and continue doing so every day for various reasons including the common parties, picnics and more.

Still, one of the less talked about things that arises often in most of these cases is something we call “Money Pooling Paradox”. To make our experiences social and enjoyable, we pool in money where usually, a single person in the group would take the lead, collecting money from all and accounting the money flow. This often leads to uncomfortable “You owe me” situations where one person chases others for their share.

The paradox stems from the fact that we need money for activities to be carried out, where on one hand we have the goal of forging social ties but on the other hand, chasing folks for their share makes one uncomfortable about it and leads to social awkwardness which in turn, many times stops us from going ahead with that group activity, whatever it may be, due to lack of initiative. We all have been there and the worst part is, we don’t admit it.
Paradox aside, tabulating all payees on mundane, non-automated spreadsheets, painstakingly updating them and the nightmarish net-banking with never ending digits ranging from account number to IFSC to MICR to card block and what not codes and imagine registering 15 net banking payees, this was a perfect recipe for something that has been too much of a hassle and was not something to look forward to.

We at Commerce Labs, have solved the problem for group-gifting, group travel and crowd funding with our partner sites and we felt the need to be addressed is much larger and in order to touch millions of people and their groups, we are launching our platform MyPoolin to make the journey between two extremes much more delightful with and for the ones, we care about.

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