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Welcome! Pool in the money with your friends, family or anyone.

Get the total sum transferred to your own bank account.

Use it for your neighbourhood shops or any off-line purchases as a group.


Take a cash code equal to total sum value to use on our partner sites

Just enter that code in the place of 'cash or coupon code' while paying!

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Simply select the type of pool below to get started!

P.S. A 2% discount upto INR 50 every time you collect money!

Gifts, Birthday Parties


- Buying an awesome gift along with friends
- Bought a gift already? Just settle the money together

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Movies, Traveling, Events

Travel, Movies, Parties or Events

- Travelling together with a bunch of people
- Going for movies, parties and events in a group

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Projects, Community Initiatives

Projects or Community

- Raising funds for an initiative
- Combined project of a community

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