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A user can invite friends to chip in money for a target amount (or settle money against some previous offline transactions) via Facebook or E-mail. It also has unique features like built-in proprietary event and gift recommendations!

Top 50 Ventures For Echelon Marketplace 2014

With their social approach as well as their white label plugin for e-commerce sites, you can invite your friends and colleagues to chip in for gifts and gift suggestions, simultaneously reducing costs and liability

The 3 easy steps you need to follow to get started: ‘Put in the purpose and the target amount to get started with the pool'; ‘Invite people and they contribute, all in a single click’ & ‘Once collected, get the money transferred to your account or redeem online’. That’s it!

Smartest and Fastest way to collect and settle money

It is a safe, secure, and robust platform for payments as their payment partners are PayU and Mobikwik who have great security setup for financial transactions. The idea revolves around social mobile payments.

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