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There are various phases in life which you go through - school, university and then the professional life. In any phase, there is a common thread that bonds you with the society - the people around you. Be it those clever kids in school, the crazy buddies in college campus, the smart colleagues on your floor or the residents in and around your community!

We at MyPoolin enable you to pool money online in the smartest and fastest manner possible for all the purposes that come during these phases. That is our primary and only goal - to make sure that whenever you are collecting money as a group (be it for an activity or after it), the process remains convenient and simple both on the web and the mobile.

Our Payment Partners

Our payment partners are also in line with our focus on the product. They guarantee that your transactions happen in the most secure manner possible and in compliance with all the regulatory guidelines.
Together we ensure that the data stored on the gateway front is always safe and sound.

The Team

With experiences as diverse as software engineering for Intuit, applications design for Facebook, product design for companies like Sony, we believe that our team here is as amazing as the product itself. Our passionate and well balanced group of members ensures that our product exceeds all expectations and delights you by making your tasks revolving around money, a cakewalk.

Rohit Taneja
Ankit Singh